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We are more about Strategy Than Size, Easy and Friendly approach designed to bring your business to the winning side. Happy Guests A Happy Team Happy Owners

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Hotel Consultant Nairobi Kenya


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Revenue & Yield Management

Through Objective Online Distribution and decisive pricing strategies we ensure your are visible and well represented. We help you manage your Online Pricing, Ensuring that the Right Price and Value is projected for the best results.

Central Reservations

Providing Professional Reservation Services for B&Bs, Guest Houses & Other Budget units. We negotiate on your behalf, book & keep the guests engaged before arrival, Invoice, handle and transmit arrival requests. Keeping you at ease even as we request guests feedback during & after guest departure.

Guest Reviews & Reputation

We encourage guests as brand ambassadors, Their Feedback Analyzed, Replied & Actioned. Ensuring that the establishment is truly represented with the right image for potential guests.

Guest Service Training

Your Team represents the Brand. We train front of house team members on core standards in guest services to develop an "At Your Service Attitude" . We focus to increase Guest Loyalty as well as boost Staff Confidence and guest service skill set.

We are hotel consultants based in Nairobi, Kenya that focus on the hotel accommodation aspect. The aim is more occupied beds overall. More and more hotels are coming up in Kenya, and the need to seek for professional hotel consultants is on the rise in Nairobi, and other cities in Kenya. We are passionate about what we do, and more so we work more closely and as daily partners, with hotel owners and the hotel staff towards hotel growth. We are concerned about every single item that impacts the bottom line, where rooms are concerned.

To ensure the highest productivity we provide hotel consultancy services in Kenya that aims to provide access to Yield Revenue Management Strategies mostly applied by large hotels, and now accessible to Revonnate Partners. We focus to guide and implement hotel strategies that are geared on the product alignment, pricing, placement and distribution. In addition, we also creatively look after the guest engagement reputation and marketing all geared to intentionally increase revenue, based on various market factors.

Room Nights are perishable, the more reason that there should be a professional approach and much effort to have the right strategies employed, that are carefully monitored and adjusted, and that are also multi-dimensional to encourage profitability and return on investment.


In the package we use various innovative tools based on each hotels assessment and capability: let’s package your product & showcase it better; – Carefully selected, try one below;


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Strategy Not Size

More Bookings

Large or Small unit, there is something great that fits ; More so its the strategy that Revonnates rolls out.

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Competitor Daily Analysis

Review & Alignment

We do snoop on the neighbours that seemingly seem to present a similar value option to lookers. We make informed decisions to present a better advantage. "Price is not always the value add"

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Your Reputation

Is Primary

We help you manage your reputation, get all the feedback there is on multiple channels and help you improve and use it to Market.

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More Spend

Its great when you can showcase some more on other products enhancing guests stay and at the same time affecting your bottom line the right way.

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Stay Ahead

Analyze Feedback Better

Get to view all feedback in one place from all channels as they are posted, we will help you manage and sensitize your team towards improvement.

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Rest Easy

We Stratigise & Monitor

Lets put a pricing strategy for you and put it to work, and we will stay up to ensure we got it right, also keeping ourselves informed on the competition.

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Strategy Not Size

More Bookings

We analyze for all kinds of units, checking the performance on a regular basis.

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Interviews & Market Survey

We'll do the Walking

Each Property is Unique & so is the TARGET MARKET. We keep ourselves updated on Tourism Trends from Local Tourists to International Tourists. We take the time to RIGHTLY POSITION our Revonnate Partners & Stay Ahead.



Let's Explore Untapped Revenue Potential & Give You More Time To Spend with Your Guests


Begin to Advance

Armed with Information & Knowledge we employ Innovative Tools & The Right Strategy to penetrate the Market ensuring that our Partners are VISIBLE, ATTRACTIVE & EASILY BOOKABLE 24/7 on every available market, SAVING TIME and MONEY.

We assess & evaluate business performance daily, both the historical & future data, to ensure that your Rooms Product, is always delivered to the right person at the right moment & at the right price, conveniently at optimal performance.


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